WE GO! Women Economic-independence & Growth Opportunity

The main objective of the “WE GO! Women Economicindependence & Growth Opportunity” Project (acronym WE GO!) is to strengthen support services for women victims of domestic violence in Europe, with a particular regard to training and advisory services that shelters/women’s centres offer to these victims. It focuses on the capacity building of trainers and officers of these centres and the development of new methods/responses to address the lack of economic alternatives for women victims. Thanks to WE GO!, centres will become more responsive to economic needs of victims (often a secondary focus following legal support), who will be able to exit situation of violence as a result of being empowered.

Specific objectives:

  • To enhance amongst practitioners crossborder cooperation of support services targeting women victims of violence, identifying and exchanging good practices from at least 8 European countries that foster victims’ economic empowerment;
  • To enhance the practitioners’ understanding and skills by proposingmodels/protocols of support paths that will help victims in gaining economic independence.

Expected results

  • 200 women involved in training activities during the whole project lifetime;
  • 35-50 anti-violence centres operators involved in training activities;
  • 50 professionals involved in comparative analysis and exchange activities;
  • 100 policy makers/institutional representatives reached;
  • 1,000 stakeholders informed about the project’s results.


IT Animus Association Foundation
IT Associazione Donatella Tellini-biblioteca Delle Donne-ce
BG Bulgarian Centre Of Women In Technology
IT Centro Veneto Progetti Donna-auser
IT C.i.f-centro Italiano Femminile Provinciale Di Reggio Cal
UK Euclid Network
SE Folkuniversitetet, Stiftelsen För Kursverksamheten Vid Up
ES Fundación Mujeres
BG Gender Project For Bulgaria Foundation
GR Greek Association Of Women Entrepreneurs (sege)
IT Istituto Per La Ricerca Sociale
CY Mediterranean Institute Of Gender Studies (migs)
ES Surt. Fundació De Dones. Fundació Privada.
GR Women’s Center Of Karditsa


More information can be found on the official website of the project www.wegoproject.eu

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