New Member Registration

Admission of new members is free for any woman who has been in business for more than one (1) year:

  • either individually
  • or as a freelancer
  • or in corporate form
  • or as a senior executive in a business or in any business entity
  • or as a member of a family business that has its headquarters within the Greek territory.

The application for registration of a new member is also available in electronic form

The submitted application for registration is introduced at the next meeting of the Board of Directors, and is accepted, if it receives the majority of the present members. The application must be accompanied by a copy of the legal document that proves the start of business operation (i.e. articles of association).

The registration fee is € 20 and is paid together with the application.

At the Association you can become:

  • Regular member with an annual subscription of € 30.00
  • All regular members have the right to request from S.E.G.E. : counseling, guidance and assistance when dealing with problems related to their business or professional activity. Regular members have the right to vote and to be elected, and have been registered with the association for at least 6 months before being elected.

  • Linked member with an annual subscription of € 60.00
  • Linked members are considered those members from bodies, associations, legal and individuals, who want to strengthen S.E.G.E. with a subscription obligation. Through their representative, they have the right to vote and to be elected by only one (1) vote. S.E.G.E. is obliged to provide information to them.

  • Distinguished member, with an annual subscription of € 200.00
  • Distinguished members are required to subscribe and have the right to vote and be elected. Distinguished members are provided with an attractive registration package which includes: 1) Free participation in up to three actions that have costs, which will be organized by S.E.G.E. within each year. 2) Free one hundred printed face cards 3) Free advertising of their business on the official website of S.E.G.E. with a banner 4) Three institutional meetings abroad annually for cooperation with entrepreneurs, for financially informed members (S.E.G.E. is not responsible in case the member does not accept the appointment).

For any information you can contact us either by phone at (+30) 2310224440 or by e-mail at